We offer gold casting and melting services in different colours (rose, yellow, white) and carats, silver and other materials.

Moulds and shearing moulds

We project and develop medals, coins or promotional items and we realize custom moulds.


We can design your logo or artwork with handmade multicolor enamels. Bicomponent colours are available for small logos or wide surfaces for external use.

Custom engraving and photo engraving

The laser and diamond engraving enables to custom plates, medals and any other item with logos and design sent by our customers and processed by our technical staff. You can ask to receive artwork proofs by email for your approval.

Plating, galvanic processes, gold plating and silver plating

Our galvanic processes includes flash gold plating and micron gold plating in different thickness. We can plate in many colours and silver plate with e-coating and antitarnish, to make your silver last longer.


We can solder gold and silver items by hand or laser technology.

Diamond cut finishing

Differents diamond cuts available to enrich any surface.

Laser cut and pantograph

Laser cutting and laser engraving enable to develop any project. The cut is high precision and follows our customer design. Laser cut can be done on gold and silver plates of various thickness.