About us

OroZen is the result of the natural evolution of the jewellery factory C.Z., that was born in 1979 of an Onorio Zen’s intuition. Onorio started as a medals trader and became in 1983 a producer.
After a few years he founded a work-room in Romano d’Ezzelino and from 1988, with the participation of another jewelry factory, he developed a wide range of proposals for the market.
Through the years OroZen has spread its production to Europe and America, thanks to some little but innovative products of high level handicraft jewellery. From the early 90’ a growing part of the sales was from the foreign market, therefore, to better identify its jewellery line, comes to life the brand OroZen and in 2004 it gathers in one name the whole production activity of the factory.

Medals and promotional items
OroZen is specialized on the production of coined medals and promotional items in gold, silver and others materials.
We have more than 30 years' experience on the promotional field. We can offer you the best service and manufacturing technology for commemorative, recurrence and awarding medals. We are able to satisfy any demand for a high quality and economically competitive personalized products. We furnish a complete service developing your projects from the graphic formulation to the packaging (besides the medals line, pins, keyrings, plates, trophies and subjects in gold and silver).

Jewellery collection in gold and silver
OroZen's craftsmen create jewelry collections in gold and silver that delight consumers with their quality, their perfect moulding and a constant search for new, meaningful features. Shapes are original and came in the form of chains, pendants, earrings, bracelets, brooches complemented with ornamental stones and original finishing.

OroZen will exhibit at VicenzaOro First, Charm and Choice, (HALL G, STAND 1505), Hong Kong International Jewellery Show and Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.
Our staff will also be present and available for meetings at the main relevant international trade fairs, we are at your disposal for any info. Contact us to fix an appointment.